Sunday, March 16, 2014

Randomesque: New Tab by Guillaume Morissette

Guillaume Morissette is launching his novel New Tab on April 24th at Librairie Drawn & Quarterly in Montreal.  It begins well and easy, perfectly pitched for the randomesque 'now', kind of like this:

Stalking Brent on Facebook, I saw from his profile picture that he was tall and had sloppy bed hair that randomly looked excellent and that he owned a Macbook and a t-shirt that said, “RIP DJ Screw.” I looked for a birth year but there was no year specified, just a month and a day. I didn’t know if he was younger than me or maybe my age. I wanted him to be my age. I wanted him to be ten thousand years older than me. I wanted him to be ten thousand years older than me and still a mess and still thinking things like, “I am the shittiest person alive” on a regular basis.

Jonathan Goldstein has called New Tab "Weird, poetic, funny, and original." And Goldstein knows weird. New Tab is the last book I selected and edited for the Esplanade Imprint at Vehicule Press. It's a great way to bow out -- on a high note -- with a book that is unseriously-serious, and just a bit more angst-ridden than Schmidt-Rottluff's oeuvre. 

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